What the F is Relational Frame Theory (RFT)?

RFT… LMNOP. What the heck do these letters even mean? Let the bitches explain Relational Frame Theory to you SNABA style!

Relational Frame Theory (RFT): also known as framing, occurs when an individual responds to one stimulus in terms of another stimulus. Framing occurs when multiple examples are taught of a single relation which then allows for generalization of new examples and relations. Equivalence, opposites and differences are different types of relations that can be considered a frame in that any pair of stimuli can occur within it.

Real World Example
Let’s talk about branding. What brand do you prefer? I guess that part doesn’t matter too much, but I bet you can classify which brand is better than another. Over shopping, you have a hierarchy of brands in relation to another. Louis Vuitton is more than Gucci. Jordans are more than your average Nike trainer. Carhartt is more than Old Navy. And in the reverse you are able to state the opposite, what brand is less than another?

Clinical Example
Jaime, a BCBA wants to teach her client the new concept of “same” and “different”. Jaime arranges multiple stimuli, both real objects and picture cards that have similar stimuli (although not always equivalent) and objects and picture cards that have different stimuli. Jaime models for the therapist to arrange 3 objects or pictures on a table and give the learner an object or picture to reference. She then models the Sd “touch same” and reinforces it when the learner selects the similar stimulus out of the 3 items. She does the same with “different”. By using multiple exemplars of the given items, the learner is able to demonstrate the skill with numbers, colors and simple games such as Memory.


RFT is covered in Task List 5- B-10, B-15, G-10, G-12, G-21.


Take our 5th Edition Mini Mock Section B and Mini Mock Section G to test your knowledge!

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