Study Snacks to Boost Brain-Power

woman eating snack

There are certain things in this world that were simply just meant to be together. Shoes and socks, coffee and cream, pen and paper, sweet and sour, hugs and kisses, you and ABA… We think you get the point.

Ever thought about the harmonious relationship between studying and snacking? We bet you have! Matter of fact, we bet you snack all the time while you study #GoYou. But, are you nommin’ on the right snacks to get those #BrainJuices flowing?

As it turns out, there are certain snacks that make a difference in your #InformationRetention and can help you to better digest (pun intended) the material that you’re taking in. Ready to learn about a few? We thought you’d never ask!


Might sound #Basic, but there are so many different ways for you to enjoy almonds. Wasabi flavored, honey roasted, salted caramel, chipotle, and more. Besides being good for your , almonds have real brain-boosting power behind them. On top of this, almonds are great for a quick energy boost, so if you’re studying late into the evening and don’t want a coffee or energy drink—try snacking on some almonds!

Dark Chocolate

Can we get a F#%k yeah! Everyone knows how delicious dark chocolate is, and the many different ways that you can enjoy it. But did you know that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and natural stimulants? It actually increases the blood flow to your brain, and you guessed it, makes you #Happy. So next time you’re attending a live collective, try snacking on some dark chocolate, you might be surprised by how #Intelligent you feel!

Veggies and Hummus

Ok, this one seems like a no-brainer (pun intended again.) Veggies: obviously good for you. Hummus: obviously delicious. But what happens when the two join forces? A true #MatchMadeInHeaven of brain-boosting omega 3, and vitamins just for you, smart pants. Just make sure to peel your carrots, red peppers, or celery… trust us, it’s better this way.

Frozen Grapes

We’re in ABA, don’t we all love #Preperation? With frozen grapes, you get to do exactly that. Put your grapes in the freezer overnight (at least 8 hours) and enjoy during your next #StudySesh. Frozen grapes are packed with several important nutrients that give your brain a streamlined boost. Save the ice cream for your post-study treat, and eat the grapes while you’re learning #Premack.

Now that was Tasty

We know that it can be difficult to stay focused while you’re studying, especially after a long day. Try out some of these snacks the next time you’re getting your education on and let us know by tagging us on instagram @StudyNotesABA if it made a difference!

Love ya, mean it!

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