Study Music to Get Your Brain Working

Ok, we get it; sometimes, those long nights of studying can be dreadfully boring. And not only can the boredom nearly kill you, but you’ve probably found yourself losing focus more than once. So, instead of making that next pot of coffee, or shotgunning another Redbull, isn’t there another alternative to help you stay focused?

You guessed it, boo, so smart! That’s right; specific music genres are LITERALLY PROVEN to help get your brain working and keep your #FocusGame strong.

And no, we’re not talking about the elevator music that your grandparents used to listen to (it’s ok if you like to listen to elevator music, we won’t judge.) There are some really awesome tunes and even multiple Spotify playlists designed just for smarty pants like yourself.

Want to learn about a few? Make sure your Air Pods are charged and let’s jam!

Music You Should Avoid

Skkkkrrtttt, ok, quick sidebar before we dive in. It’s important to know that some music genres can actually be distracting while studying, and you should probs avoid them.

Songs with too many words, especially songs you already know the lyrics to.

The fact is that words are distracting, and if you already know the lyrics to a song, without even trying to, you’ll be following along in your head and can quickly lose track of what you are studying. Have you ever tried to tell a story to someone, with another person right in your ear telling you a separate story? #Distracting #Annoying.

So, let’s avoid those wordy tunes and consider a few other options.

Chill Electronic Music

Think about Lo-Fi hip hop beats. These playlists have been popping off in the last few years, especially considering the work-from-home movement. This kind of music has been #ScientificallyProven to help you relax and focus better. Especially for those #LateNightSessions, chill electronic music is the perfect balance between keeping you awake and focused but not too hyped up to lose track of what you’re doing.

Classical Music

Ok, ok, ok, we know that we said we weren’t talking about elevator music but hear us out. Classical music isn’t the same as elevator music; it can be more upbeat and give you the focus you need to carry on. 

Everyone knows who Mozart is, right? But do you know about the #MozartEffect? Didn’t think so! There are studies that show that listening to Mozart can cause a temporary enhancement of spatial-temporal reasoning performance. In short, this means that you’ll have a better ability to think through long-term solutions to logical problems. Kind of sounds like something that’s studied in ABA, right? Give it a chance, classical music isn’t all that boring, and if you tell your grandparents that you’re now the biggest #MozartFan, you’ll earn some serious brownie points #HellYeah. 

Instrumental Rock

The keyword here is “instrumental” remember, we’re avoiding too many lyrics. Instrumental rock is designed to take you on a #MusicalJourney through the various pieces that make up a band. When you have a long, chilled-out jam session, it will work as the background music for your life, with you as the #MainCharacter navigating the world of ABA studies. Ever listened to a 45-minute-long Grateful Dead jam session? Give it a try; you might be surprised with how #Focused it makes you feel.

Music is Good for the Brain

When you choose the right music, you’ll see that there are so many different benefits to studying with some tunes. Music has been proven to relax the mind, increase concentration, eliminate distractions, and improve performance during high-stress situations (such as studying for the F#%king test!)

Even if you don’t like any of the genres mentioned here, we encourage you to give them a try; you might be surprised. And if you already have a #Badass playlist designed just for your study game, share it with us! You could become the next big ABA DJ!

Love ya, mean it

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