X-Rated BCBA Mini Mock Exam




You thought rawdogging was bad? Wait until you hear about sticking a tentacle up your…. you know. Why take a boring mock when all of the examples can be dirty? All it took was a little feedback from a #NegativeNancy. Here at SNABA we know that studying doesn’t have to suck and we all love a naughty giggle. You asked for it, and yes…we did. We pulled from all content areas of the task list and who knows, you might be killing two birds with one stone (you might want to try some of this stuff later).

Disclaimer: This mock was just for fun, if it’s not your cup of tea, NP. We do not condone or promote any of these behaviors. We had a fun time researching the wonders of this world. Do not try this at home.

Price: $25
Sections Covered: Varied
You can save your progress and come back to complete the exam in case you need to pee or throw rocks at the squirrels outside your window that are making the dogs bark

Why are SNABA mocks so great? Let us share:
Our questions simulate the real exam.
Our detailed feedback on every single question whether you get the answer correct or incorrect is #gold in your studying. The explanations will surely bring on some #lightbulbs.
Once you submit a mock, you will get a detailed breakdown on how you did. This will help direct you into what topics you need to be digging into a little deeper.

25 Questions
**You can answer the questions only once; but your feedback can be found in your account for a year from your purchase date.
One year access to take this mock!

How to find your results:
In your account on the left sidebar click my mock exam results
Click on the mock you want (the little triangle button before the mock to expand)
Click statistics
Get all your feedback!
So, what are you waiting for? This is exciting. Go #Slay babe.