The Ultimate 30th Birthday Party Favor

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YOT30O (You Only Turn 30 Once). Liat is attention seeking and is not ready for the celebration to be over yet! This bitch has been alive for 30 years and you know we had to be #extraAF, so we put together the ultimate party favor for you so you can celebrate with us.  There will never be a sale like this again, just like there can never be another Liat.
COVID has put a bit of a damper on our party plans. Poor Liat, for the past 6 months she has been sending Casey a full pinterest board of all the things Liat has requested to be at her party.
She wanted a french fry bar, but instead we’ve brought you a Pavlov Face Mask.

She wanted a surprise scavenger hunt, but instead we’ve brought you a Scrunchie Pack.

She wanted to have another Behavior Bitches meet up, but instead we’ve brought you The Behavior Bitches Sticker Set.
She wanted everyone to treat her like a princess for the day, instead we’ve brought you the Reinforcer sticker sheet.
She wanted to drink coffee and nerd over the third edition Cooper book, but instead we’ve brought you the “Skinner is My Homeboy” Sticker.
She wanted a cookie dough cheesecake, but instead we’ve brought you the glitter pen set.
She wanted to rent a boat, but instead we’ve brought you the unreleased outline markers that are #amazingAF.
scrunchie pack
skinner sticker
2 behavior bitch sticker
reinforcer sticker sheet
glitter pens
outline markers


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