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How scary does not having a cover on your phone sound? It sounds even scarier not protecting your precious Cooper book. This SNABAlicious book cover is custom made to make your book look cute, more exciting, hold your place with its adorbs built-in bookmark- all while doing its most important job of protecting “The White Bible”.

Also- doesn’t it make you want to open up your Cooper book and study more when it looks so cute?


  1. Thick Durable Spandex Material designed to perfectly fit your 3rd Edition Cooper book (yes we had to send the actual Cooper book across the world to have them perfectly measure the book to fit like a glove).
  2. Attached Pavlov head built in bookmark

** Cooper Tabs not included- however you can purchase the Book Cover, SNABAfied Cooper tabs, and #WhiteBible Gel Highlighters in our PIMP BY BOOK BUNDLE


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