Stimulus Equivalence, Stimulus Non-Equivalence & RFT Mini Mock




Reflexivity, Symmetry, Transitivity, Mutual entailment, combinatorial entailment, RFT…….OH MY!!! Does the new non-equivalence chapter in Cooper blow your mind? Do not fear because we put together the hardest mini mock covering stimulus equivalence, non-equivalence, and all things Relational Frame theory to ensure you come into contact with all the new concepts on the 5th edition Task List. The mock consists of 25 questions you can take on your own time and save and resume. When finished, you will get all the amazing, detailed feedback in your account for one year! 

  1. In your account, on the left sidebar, click my mock exam results
  2. Click on the mock you want (little button in front of it)
  3. Click statistics, then view each question 
  4. Get all your feedback!

We love you and appreciate your patience and support and can not wait for you to see the amazing feedback from your mocks! 

Love you mean it! Casey & Liat 


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