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So you’re getting all antsy about studying and you feel super intimidated by your Cooper book. These tabs are your first step to your study journey. Tabbing your book is the #AntecedentIntervention you need to get yourself to read the damn book. 

We’ve been telling everyone to tab their books long enough because it’s the perfect #controlling relation to result in the #controlled relation of your studying behavior #self-management. We will spare you the ridiculously long story of how the tabs came to life but……drum roll please….

The longest awaited product ever at SNABA is finally here!!  Cooper 3rd Edition Cooper Tabs but #SNABAfied of course!

How could tabs increase my studying behavior?Well, by labeling the different chapters of your book, it decreases the #ResponseEffort to open the book to the section you want to study. 

Also, it’s oddly satisfying to see the side of your book looking colorful and #OrganizedAF.

Scan the code below to get a guided #TaskAnalysis of how to tab your book SNABA style.

Watch how to use them HERE!



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Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in


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