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Product description:

We know reading Cooper can be a drag, and are you actually taking in what you’re reading?

We’re gonna be honest… this is one of the less fun products. Not because we’re getting less fun, just because this one is a straight-up reading check. These are straight up questions to the straight up content in your book.

Its typically our vibe to be more creative and wild, but we did see something huge missing after talking with lots of you.

There are 31 quizzes to go along with all 31 chapters of your Cooper book.

Each quiz has 10 straight-up reading check questions.

These are not application questions … instead they’re check-ins to make sure you’re actually reading your f#%king book!

These quizzes can be taken multiple times until 100% completion

You’ll have access to them for 4 months.

These quizzes you can take throughout your reading of your Cooper book. Consider it your reinforcer knowing you’re done with each chapter. We know you’d probably rather have a bottle of wine instead … but this is almost as good, right? (P.S. no one ever said it was illegal to drink wine and read Cooper at the same time)

*this is not equivalent to a mock exam

A mock exam is more application-based and taking the content you read and applying it to multiple situations and scenarios whereas this is straight from the page to your Cooper quizzes


But this is BADA$$!!