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OMG. We’ve done it again. And this time better than ever before. The new and improved R+ pairing pack 2.0 is everything and more.

Why is it called the R+ pairing pack 2.0? Well let’s talk about this. Typically studying is #aversiveAF but we have solved that problem. We put together the most reinforcing items we could find so you can #pair your studying to become #reinforcingAF.  No, but seriously this pack is amazeballs.

Inside the R+ Pairing Pack 2.0 you’ll find all the things we love:

  • Mesh Pencil Bag– you have to be able to hold all your stuff. Side note *can also be used as a great pasta strainer
  • 2 Types of Fun Paperclips– who knew paperclips could be anything but boring?!
  • Gorgeous Mid Liner Highlighters– the most amazing pastel hues double sided (12 of them)
  • Muji Pens– You may not know it but you need these for your handwriting to be up to par. (12 of them)
  • “Lightbulb” Moment Sticky Notes– always need to jot stuff down like, ACT yo AGE B and all of the ridiculous study tips these chicks give you.
  • 2 Stimulus Prompt Sticker Sheets– when it doubt add more flair and a stimulus prompt to make that sh*t #redundantAF
  • 2 SNABA Decal Stickers– you know you want to REP us. Love you. Mean it.
  • Blank Chapter Marker Tabs– turn to the exact page you need in that GD Cooper book
  • Double Sided Ruler– to start all your bullet journal dreams and create the straightest lines connecting your data points #Goals
  • SNABA Weekly/Daily Planner Pad-Self monitoring your study behavior just got so much for fun with this pad.
  • 2 Washi Tapes-because duh you need it.
  • That pencil doe: it’s that mechanical pencil that the #teacherspet  always had in your class
  • Wood “Slay it” Pencil– just in case you need the reminder #wegotyou
  • CMO-T Pencil Sharpener– that piece of plastic that you didn’t give a shit about until you needed to sharpen your “slay it” pencil
  • Lipstick Eraser– a nice #throwback to your middle school Claires purchases #CMO-T
  • “Pass The F#%king Test” Pen– if you know, you know
  • Graph Paper Post its– stick these bad boys into your notes to draw your experimental designs #CaseysFav
  • Pavlov Scrunchie– throw your hair in a messy bun and get to studying boo
  • Cutest Tweezers Eva– self care baby #CMO-T
  • Bottle Opener Keychain– pop open that bottle baby. You deserve it. #CMO-T (yet again)
  • Stencil– to give your notes a cool AF background


All picked out by Liat – The Queen of Stationary. See for proof on our InstagramYour welcome. Love ya, Mean it!

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in