Question Dissection Ultimate Bundle




$99 for 10 hours of mock exam question dissection

You asked and we answered!!! We compiled all of our Question Dissection Recorded Specialty classes into one big bad ass bundle for your viewing pleasure!! Do you have the hardest time breaking down questions or picking the best answer? Do you stress the F out when presented with a test question? Well, let us stress you the F out because we have tons of questions, JK we will calm your ass down with tips and tricks to answering questions. You want exposure to as many questions as you can get before sitting for this exam so come join us and dissect these questions with us as your personal trainers.

5 Question Dissection Classes containing 250 Questions

10 hours of breaking down some of the hardest mock questions with The Bitches and Danielle

Feedback and Detailed breakdown after each question

45 day Access period


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