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In stock


By purchasing this notebook today you are reserving our most requested notebook that we can never keep in stock! As soon as they arrive to our warehouse we will ship it to you as soon as possible! The expected arrival date to SNABA Headquarters is March 1st*. You will be the first to have it sent you you. Lucky you!!

So I am sure by now, you know our claim to fame here at SNABA. We make the normally boring & aversive task of studying, #ReinforcingAF. If you want your studying and notetaking to be #FunAF, you need this Ultimate Collective Notebook.

This notebook turns your notes into a glorious art project.

Unleash your inner artist. You can now be excited to pull out your Ultimate Collective Notebook with all your amazing pens, highlighters, stickers, and more.


What you can expect:

  • 9×7” Journal
  • XL Gold 1.5” spiral
  • Over 100 Unique Pages
  • 4 pages of #CuteAF #Reinforcing Stickers
  • 1 page of ABA concept stickers so you can title your pages based on the topic 
  • 18 Colored Grid Pages #ExperimentalDesigns
  • 32 Dotted Grid Pages
  • 24 Lined Pages
  • Plus: A Mix of Colorful, Thick Paper Including Honeycomb Patterns and More #NoBleedingThrough

Oh and:

  • Our Guide on How to Use Your New Ultimate Collective Notebook
  • Our SNABAfied Cooper Chapter Tracker
  • Our SNABAfied Token Economy to Reinforce Yourself as You Prep for the Exam

Every single page has been chosen with love to make the perfect notebook by LiatThe Queen of Stationary. See on our Instagram. Your welcome. Love ya. Mean it!