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Digital Study “Must Have’s” Bundle:  $449.99 

Liat, Casey & Danielle, your BCBA Exam experts, and some of the greatest minds of our generation #LOL, put their brains together to come up with the most badass Essential “Must-Have” Digital Study Bundle that you need to pass the f#%king test! This package answers the age old question, of where the hell do I start studying and what do I need to study? This is without a doubt the best value bundle. We conducted a parametric analysis and came up with the optimum duration for your studying to be most effective so you can slay the BCBA exam. 

This package includes:

The BCBA Exam Collective Virtual Courses: 20 on demand HI-DEF classes (50+ hours) where we take you through the entire 5th Edition Task List, take the notes with you and give you #real #raw & #relatable examples that you will never forget. Access period for 2.5 months after purchase.

The BCBA Exam Collective Homework Packet: After you take your beautiful notes and do your readings because we know you are #teacherspet’s, you can now apply your knowledge with a combination of fill in the blanks #importantdetails, True or False, Matching, Scenario questions, and beautiful tables to fill in the hashtags and write your own real-life examples. We think this is the perfect accompaniment to the collective classes and will you hold accountable AF!!! This packet is over 100 pages of fun ass Sh*t. Yes, we think studying is fun and so should you.

BCBA Exam Mini Mock Task List Bundle: 9 mini mocks to match the 9 sections of the BCBA exam Task list! 25 questions each for a total of 225 questions! All of these questions are different from your full mock exam! As you study you will start to notice areas you are weaker in and this will help you focus your studying to make the most of your time!

“Pick your own” Full 185 Question BCBA Mock Exam: After you study with us you get to practice your test taking skills with a full 185 question mock exam with the most detailed feedback ever. #Testyourself You can keep you feedback for a one whole year to help guide your studying behavior. *all mocks displayed here are of the same difficulty level just different questions*

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Cooper book and pour a glass of wine- we’ve got you.

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“Pick Your Own” Full 185 Question BCBA Mock Exam

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