NEW! 1 Month Collective Video Bundle






Can’t make it to the live BCBA exam prep collective? A bit anti-social and tired of listening to everyone yelling for someone to mute themselves? Scared you might witness someone forgetting to turn their camera off while using the bathroom? We at SNABA have the perfect solution for you.


As you’ve heard, we are historically known for our “unprofessional” LOL approach, but one thing that we aren’t is scared. We too can clean up well, and age like fine wine. So we’ve done just that and upped our game with NEW professional videos. No more watching previously recorded Zoom classes and feeling like a fly on the wall. Now we are talking directly to you!


These NEW videos are HI-DEF, clean, fresh, edited, and graphically loaded to maintain your attention every second of the way. The lighting is fantastic! The colors- fetch.  Pause and play at your own pace to ensure that you don’t miss a beat. We’ll guide your BCBA exam note-taking process, provide memorable acronyms, and have you laughing at some dark (perhaps explicit) real-world examples. You’ll be a part of the elite posse that hears Liat’s and Casey’s voices while testing and giggling as they select correct answers confidently. As with most of our SNABA products, this is not for the prude soul- swearing and dirty jokes will be heard.

What you’ll get:

  • 20 professionally recorded classes (ranging from 90-120 minutes)
  • This course includes our Ethics Video bundle (over 8 hours of all things ethics in a conversational, funny form!)
  • Taught by Behavior Bitches,  Liat Sacks, BCBA and Casey McDaniel, BCBA
  • Coverage of the entire BACB’s 5th edition task list 
  • Practice BCBA exam mock questions
  • Guided note-taking ( we literally draw out the notes while we’re talking)
  • 30 Day Access to materials (will expire automatically 30 days from date and time of purchase)