Mini Mock Section I: 5th Edition




5th Edition Task List Section I: Personnel Supervision and Management 

You have made it to the last section of the 5th Edition Task List!!! But do not for one second think you can breeze through this part. Guess what? When you pass you are going to be responsible for so much more than just clients. You will be an amazing supervisor by understanding all the things to monitor, supervise, and train your supervisees. Let’s all be badass BCBA’s and change the world. 

  • I-1 State the reasons for using behavior-analytic supervision and the potential risks of ineffective supervision (e.g., poor client outcomes, poor supervisee performance).
  •  I-2 Establish clear performance expectations for the supervisor and supervisee.
  • I-3 Select supervision goals based on an assessment of the supervisee’s skills.
  • I-4 Train personnel to competently perform assessment and intervention procedures. 
  • I-5 Use performance monitoring, feedback, and reinforcement systems. 
  • I-6 Use a functional assessment approach (e.g., performance diagnostics) to identify variables affecting personnel performance. 
  • I-7 Use function-based strategies to improve personnel performance. 
  • I-8 Evaluate the effects of supervision (e.g., on client outcomes, on supervisee repertoires)

What’s included?

  • 25 questions on 5th edition task list section I: Personnel Supervision and Management
  • Feedback for correct and incorrect answers
  • One time attempt


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