Mini Mock Section G: 5th Edition





5th Edition Task List Section G: Behavior Change Procedures 

Hey boo, we know you’re about to be a #mastermanipulator and #changetheworld but first, make sure to take this mini mock about behavior change procedures! This is the biggest section on your task list so do not slack on these procedures and interventions so that you can not only pass your test but be the best behavior analyst for your clients. 

  • G-1 Use positive and negative reinforcement procedures to strengthen behavior.
  • G-2 Use interventions based on motivating operations and discriminative stimuli.
  • G-3 Establish and use conditioned reinforcers. 
  • G-4 Use stimulus and response prompts and fading (e.g., errorless, most-to-least, least-to-most, prompt delay, stimulus fading). 
  • G-5 Use modeling and imitation training.
  •  G-6 Use instructions and rules.
  •  G-7 Use shaping. 
  • G-8 Use chaining. 
  • G-9 Use discrete-trial, free-operant, and naturalistic teaching arrangements.
  • G-10 Teach simple and conditional discriminations. 
  • G-11 Use Skinner’s analysis to teach verbal behavior. 
  • G-12 Use equivalence-based instruction. 
  • G-13 Use the high-probability instructional sequence. 
  • G-14 Use reinforcement procedures to weaken behavior (e.g., DRA, FCT, DRO, DRL, NCR). 
  • G-15 Use extinction. 
  • G-16 Use positive and negative punishment (e.g., time-out, response cost, overcorrection). 
  • G-17 Use token economies. 
  • G-18 Use group contingencies. 
  • G-19 Use contingency contracting. 
  • G-20 Use self-management strategies. 
  • G-21 Use procedures to promote stimulus and response generalization. 
  • G-22 Use procedures to promote maintenance

What’s included?

  • 25 questions on 5th edition task list section G: Behavior Change Procedures
  • Feedback for correct and incorrect answers
  • One time attempt


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