Mini Mock Section F: 5th Edition




5th Edition Task List Section F: Behavior Assessment

Does the thought of conducting Functional Behavior Assessments and Functional Analyses make you want to cry and scream? Well, look no further than this mock which is going to help you crush all things to do with assessment. Remember that the function of the behavior matters and it is up to YOU to figure it out! 

  • F-1 Review records and available data (e.g., educational, medical, historical) at the outset of the case. 
  • F-2 Determine the need for behavior-analytic services. 
  • F-3 Identify and prioritize socially significant behavior-change goals. 
  • F-4 Conduct assessments of relevant skill strengths and deficits. 
  • F-5 Conduct preference assessments. 
  • F-6 Describe the common functions of problem behavior. 
  • F-7 Conduct a descriptive assessment of problem behavior. 
  • F-8 Conduct a functional analysis of problem behavior. 
  • F-9 Interpret functional assessment data

What’s included?

    • 25 questions on 5th edition task list section F: Behavior Assessment
    • Feedback for correct and incorrect answers
    • One time attempt


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