Mini Mock Section C: 5th Edition




5th Edition Task List Section C: Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation

How do we know if we are making an effective change without any form of measurement? You are right if you said we don’t. As researchers and behavior change agents, measurement is a crucial part of our science in order to make changes for the better in our client’s life. Data is #life and without strong measurement systems, we have #NoF$%kingIdea. Take this mock to really check in on your understanding of all things #measurement.

  • C-1 Establish operational definitions of behavior. 
  • C-2 Distinguish among direct, indirect, and product measures of behavior.
  •  C-3 Measure occurrence (e.g., frequency, rate, percentage). 
  • C-4 Measure temporal dimensions of behavior (e.g., duration, latency, interresponse time). 
  • C-5 Measure form and strength of behavior (e.g., topography, magnitude). 
  • C-6 Measure trials to criterion. 
  • C-7 Design and implement sampling procedures (i.e., interval recording, time sampling).
  •  C-8 Evaluate the validity and reliability of measurement procedures.
  •  C-9 Select a measurement system to obtain representative data given the dimensions of behavior and the logistics of observing and recording. 
  • C-10 Graph data to communicate relevant quantitative relations (e.g., equal-interval graphs, bar graphs, cumulative records).
  •  C-11 Interpret graphed data

What’s included?

  • 25 questions on 5th edition task list section C: Measurement, Data Display, Interpretation
  • Feedback for correct and incorrect answers
  • One time attempt


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