“Mean Girls” Mini Mock: 44 Questions 5th Edition Task List




We’re not like regular behavior analysts, we’re cool behavior analysts <3 “That’s why we teamed up with @bcbayay (#BehaviorBesties #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork) to bring you the most bomb ass mini mock that is all (drum roll) MEAN GIRLS THEMED.”

Who says studying needs to be boring?! Hint: Not us. While we recommend mocks that focus on traditional clinical and theoretical content, we also recommend being able to apply your knowledge to real-world and creative scenarios #Generalization #Fluency #KnowThatShitInsideAndOut. That is why we are bringing you the most bomb ass mini mock that is all (drum roll) MEAN GIRLS THEMED. That’s right – a totally #FETCH 44-question mock exam covering the 5th edition task list. Analyze Cady’s verbal behavior, Regina’s MOs, and much, much, more.

While this mock is geared towards Mean Girls fans because we’re all about pairing studying with reinforcers, we promise that anyone can take this mock, even if you have no idea who The Plastics are! Each question comes with detailed AF feedback, making this not just a mock exam but a totally #grool study tool.

Want to know what you can expect from this mock? Here’s a sample! P.S. this one is not in the mock so you’ll get 44 totally new questions when you buy the mock.

Karen thinks her breasts can predict the rain. She tells you that she has “ESPN.” Your classmate tells you that she meant to say ESP (extrasensory perception) but that she is “the dumbest girl you will ever meet”. Karen has demonstrated what?

A. Generic tact extension

B. Metonymical tact extension

C. Solistic tact extension

D. Erroneous tact extension

Explanation: First of all,  we’re pretty sure Karen’s breasts cannot predict the rain #Mentalistic. Secondly, let’s break down what type of verbal behavior Karen is emitting. A generic tact extension is when you learn to tact a stimulus and then tact other examples of that stimulus #Generalization. An example of this would be learning to tact gold hoop earrings as “earrings” and also tacting white gold hoops as “earrings.” This does not fit for this scenario and can be ruled out. A metonymical tact extension occurs when a stimulus shares no relevant properties with a stimulus you have learned to tact, but it shares irrelevant properties that have acquired stimulus control #Oops. An example of this would be seeing a tiara and saying “princess.” This also doesn’t fit in this scenario. You may have been tempted to pick erroneous tact extension but unfortunately we made that one up #SorryBoo. The answer here is solistic tact extension which refers to “substandard” verbal behavior evoked by a stimulus property that is only indirectly related to the correct tact relation. A good example of a solistic tact extension is a malaprop which is a mistakenly used word that sounds like the word you meant to use. In this case, ESP (extrasensory perception) and ESPN (a sports network) are not related except for the fact that they sound similar. Karen isn’t dumb, she’s just working on her tact extensions.

Buy this mock, put on your favorite pink outfit, play some 2004 throwbacks, and get your study on. You CAN sit with us and you CAN study with us. Love ya, MEAN it!