Math + Sh*t – Activity Book




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**This item includes the “Math + Sh*t” – Activity Book. Once purchased the packet will be right in your account under courses for you to download and print**

Is all the math on the BCBA exam #AversiveAF to you? Well, we here at StudyNotesABA have done it again! We made something typically #BoringAF, ya know, #NotBoringAF.

What topics are covered in this packed?

  • Continuous Measurement
  • Discontinuous Measurement
  • Derivative Measures
  • Setting Initial Criterion for Increasing/Decreasing Behavior
  • NCR and DRO Criterion

But like, what makes this activity book better than all the other IOA/Math Practice stuff out there?

Valid point, but we’ve got answers:

  • It’s an activity book that includes a color-by-number activity to complete as you solve different mathematical problems.
  • You get to be a #detective, and solve a mystery that has gained national attention through solving different math problems.
  • Each area includes guiding examples, fluency practice, application problems (that are out of order, to mimic the actual exam!), and tips to support you along the way.
  • Built in NCR’s, so you get the reinforcement you #deserve.
  • Print out and frame the Cheat Sheet – perhaps even decorate your house with it, to memorize all the math shit you need to know for the BIG test.
  • Personalized test questions (you’ll see what we mean).
  • Mad-lib questions that you can make as hilarious and X-rated as your little heart desires.
  • As always, #RelatableAF scenario questions with the most inappropriate, off-the-chart behavior to make sure you don’t forget this shit.
  • Amazing layout with pristine work-space to #WorkThatShitOutSo.

What can I expect from the Math + Sh*t – Activity Book?

37 Pages of problem-solving fun to get you ready for any math content thrown at you on the BCBA exam. It took us 100+ hours in a combined effort to make this the best shit out there. We are #obvi committed to helping you pass the f#*cking test!  Love you. Mean it.