Live Fall Collective Ultimate Package 5th Edition




Life is full of stressors. We want to take as much stress off of you as possible. Struggling making a decision on which amazing stuff you want in our shop? Chill boo; you can have it all. No seriously you can #legiterally have it all (minus our Cooper books because we hold those sacred).  We’re solution oriented over here at SNABA and want to provide you with an antecedent intervention to save you some money (over $200 to be more exact).

Introducing the Live Collective Ultimate Package 5th Edition This package is for you if you know inevitably you will purchase #allofthestuff.

This package includes everything you need to #passtheF#%kingTest. From our top mock exams, to all the supplies you need to make your notes #dreamyAF, to the most amazing coloring study book that you can use to be productive when Cooper gets overwhelming, all the way to the mask you wear while slaying the beast. 

So get ready to learn with us #FallCollective, test your knowledge with us #Mocks, use our BRAND NEW SNABAfied Tabs, take your prettiest notes #PairingPack, #ToDoList, #FineLiners, carry your Cooper book #Tote, drive around with us #BitchesTalkTheTaskList, and keep yourself motivated with our Coloring Book Bundle and Concepts & Sh*t Notebook.

We can’t wait to be a part of your study journey (patiently waiting for your “I passed DM”)! Love you. Mean it.

Once purchased, your Fall Collective course and all your mock exams will be added to your courses. Your permanent products will be shipped.  

**This package is for those signing up for the Fall Collective that starts on Monday, June 27th and runs through Wednesday, August 31st!

Fall 2022 Live Collective+Videos+2 Mock Exams+Homework Value: $749
Pairing Pack Value: $70
Stimuli Pouch + Pens Value: $14.99
Coloring Book Bundle Value: $60
Concepts & Sh*t Notebook Value: $30
Face Mask Value: $9.99
Negative Reinforcement Get Sh*t Done To-Do List Value: $14.99
Fine Liner Pen set Value: $20.99
Snabafied Tabs Value: $9.99
Tote Value: $16
Bitches Talk the Task List 4 month Access Value: $199
Bitches Talk A Mock Value: $120
Total Value: $1314.95

For the price of $1100 

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 3 in


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