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We are #excitedAF to share our newest addition to SNABA. Introducing the Concepts & Sh*t Notebook™. Our goal in creating this notebook is to provide you with a note taking strategy when reading through your most dense textbooks and pulling out the stuff thats #importantAF to take away. 


So like who is this book for? 

This book is for anyone who is reading, studying, or learning any new material that he/she/they wants to actually remember or dare we say it...use IRL? Use the notebook to organize your plan of attack, break down complex concepts, and take notes while creating a beautiful #permanentproduct to go back to whenever you need.

Maybe you don’t consider yourself the artsy type and need some help in the note taking department. Not a problem, the Concept & Sh*t Notebook gives you a way of shaping your note taking skills no matter whether you feel confident AF or if you feel lost AF when you start to think about where to begin! #Shaping 

So like what’s inside?

  • Over 100 semi-structured note taking pages
  • A goal tracker to track your reading goals and completion dates
  • A reading planner 
  • A guided template to help you organize your notes

This notebook is designed to keep you organized AF as you dive into difficult material and complex concepts #focus. Each semi-structured page includes space to write out your ideas and to draw yourself some #visuals. The SNABA framework encourages you to #BreakItDown, identify key concepts, and of course, generate your own real, raw, relatable examples.

Hopefully this study note taking method can be generalized to anything you’re studying in life.


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  1. Taneha (verified owner)

    Love this notebook I used it for the Cooper and Coffee Book Club

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