The Coloring, Activities, and Sh*t Book + Dual Tip Marker Bundle

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The title of this product tells you exactly what you will be getting: The Coloring, Activities and Sh*t Book AND Dual Tip Markers sold together with bundled savings in one place!

What is included:

You probably thought we were full of sh*t by this point, as we have been talking about this mysterious “ coloring, activities, and sh*t book” for so long. Well, we weren’t kidding when we told you we were bringing you the best thing since the BLANK. We have pulled together SNABA’s most creative brainiacs to bring you this long spoken about, magical book. 

If there was one thing we could scream from the rooftops, it would be, “Studying doesn’t have to suck!”. There is nothing wrong with actually enjoying yourself while you learn. In fact, that is what ABA is all about! Now you can turn your study notes into works of art to hang around your house (we are sure your significant others will love this). 

Think your handwriting sucks? No problem, we got grey scale notes for you to trace. Need a visual so you can remember the difference between operant and respondent behavior? Gotchu, boo. Can’t remember the branches of Behavior Analysis? We got inappropriate ways that you are as sh*t won’t forget. This coloring book has so many creative ways to help you remember these concepts. This is a much needed addition to your study stockpile.

What you can expect:

  • Thick pages so no bleeding of your markers
  • One sided so you can pull out your art work and hang up
  • Spiral bound at the top of the pages to ensure optimal working surface area 
  • Non-Contingent Reinforcement coloring pages 
  • Includes colored pages, black and white, and grey scale for note taking
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Connect the Dots, Mazes, Word searches
  • Measurement practice 
  • Over 90 pages of fun
  • Answer key at the end
  • Memorable Graphics to help you remember this content!
  • Scenarios to practice different ABA procedures #timesampling


Dual Tip Brush Pens

It’s SNABA so we can’t have you taking notes with dried out Rose Art Markers (no offense). We need you having nothing but the best. SO we have brought you the dual tipped pen markers you didn’t even know you were dreaming of. These markers are great for writing titles, coloring in, taking notes, and doodling for days. Consider these the conditionally conditioned reinforcers you need to color the bare pages of your newest activity coloring book #CMO-T.



  • 24 beautiful colored dual tip brush pens
  • 1-2mm Brushes tip allows you to easily draw thick, thin, or varied lines in one stroke, works well for coloring books, design, art project and hand lettering; 0.4 mm fine point tip is great for outlining, detail and drawing. 
  • Watercolor, odorless, non-toxic 
  • Double sided with fine-liner and brush tip


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1 review for The Coloring, Activities, and Sh*t Book + Dual Tip Marker Bundle

  1. Rachel (verified owner)

    I love the content and the artwork is fantastic! The markers did bleed onto the next page in some spots, I’d recommend ripping the page out before you start coloring!

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