Collective Live Drop In Classes




Single Drop In:

You want to come to the live collective and interact with us #in-vivo then this option is for you, boo. Sometimes learning is more fun when you have a #tribe to do it with. 

What you get: 

  • Access to one live collective of your choice
  • 90 to 120 minutes of live class
  • Class taught by your fav Behavior B*tches: Liat Sacks, BCBA & Casey McDaniel, BCBA
  • Ability to ask any questions and have them answered
  • One time purchase for access to a single live class.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a LIVE purchase. You must make sure you are purchasing a LIVE class that will be occurring on a future date because these are live. If you purchase a drop in for a class that has already occurred, you will not have access. If you want to purchase access to a class that has already taken place, purchase a single video recording.

Here is a breakdown of what will be covered in each collective:

Once a single drop in is purchased, you will have access to it in your “My Courses” list. To purchase additional drop in classes, please visit the following link.

Additional information

Collective Live Sessions

Collective 3: Monday, April 11, Collective 14: Wednesday, May 18, Collective 4: Wednesday, April 13, Collective 15: Monday, May 23, Collective 5: Monday, April 18, Collective 16: Wednesday, May 25, Collective 6: Wednesday, April 20, Collective 17: Monday, May 30, Collective 7: Monday, April 25, Collective 18: Wednesday, June 1, Collective 8: Wednesday, April 27, Collective 19: Monday, June 6, Collective 9: Monday, May 2, Collective 20: Wednesday, June 8, Collective 10: Wednesday, May 4, Collective 11: Monday, May 9, Collective 1: Monday, April 4, Collective 12: Wednesday, May 11, Collective 2: Wednesday, April 6, Collective 13: Monday, May 16