Cooper and Coffee One Year Membership: Recorded




Cooper & Coffee One Year Membership: Recorded

Are you as excited as we are about your brand new 3rd edition of Cooper’s ABA Bible? Do you find it #hardAF to get through this dense book? Need people to talk this sh*t out with? Do your non-behavior best friends ignore your calls to avoid you verbal diarrheaing about what you read in your Cooper book? If you said yes to any of these questions, this club is for you, boo!

Grab your favorite cup of coffee (or mimosa- we don’t judge!) and come chat with us about the coolest and/or #confusingAF parts of each chapter of our favorite book. This isn’t just any old book club (well isn’t that obvious seeing that it’s SNABA). It’s a community where you can nerd out to your heart’s content with your favorite people, share your best and funniest examples of ABA IRL, break down the hard stuff, take pretty notes in your brand new SNABA Content & Sh*t notebook (sold separately, recommended not required), and even join the private FB discussion between dates since we know you #JustCantGetEnough #exclusiveAF!

Whether you’re a BCBA/BCaBA who is getting caught up on the changes or you’re just getting started on your studying journey- everyone’s welcome. You could be brand new to the field or been in practice since the Cooper was only 1 edition years old.

Love ya, mean it!

What you get:
*25 recorded morning coffee chats with the club and the ladies
*Access to a private Facebook group with weekly follow up discussion and community #Tribe
*Real, raw, relatable conversations and examples like you’ve come to love from the SNABA crew
*Guided review, tips on how to organize your notes, important topics to pull out from each chapter and how the F to relate this to your everyday life #generalizethis
*Follow along schedule of chapters and readings to get you through all 31 chapters of the new book #YouGotThis
*All of the recordings will be located right in your course!

Sold separately:
Specialized notebook (anyone remember Cornell notes? Kinda like that but better, pinker, and prettier)*** CONCEPTS & SH*T NOTEBOOK. ***



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