Recorded: Behavior Brunch: Cinco De “MO”




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Do you find MO’s an aversive topic to study? What if we paired it with miMOsas? Perhaps we pair it with all your fav Cinco De Mayo things #queso #guac #chips #WastedOnMargs. Would that make it any better? Pour yourself a miMOsa and/or a marg (you totally deserve it and we won’t judge #bible) and get your butt to this class if you want to finally understand MOs to their full entirety. You either fully get MOs or you don’t. It’s one of those things that you get the satisfaction of getting the “OMG I TOTALLY GET IT NOW” moments. Allow us to bring you that feeling by coming to this class.

What you can expect:

  • 67 mins (extra 7 mins because we are #extraAF) with your fav girls: Liat Sacks, BCBA and Casey McDaniel, BCBA, the “other” Behavior Bitch
  • Hilarious real life application and examples
  • Fluency Opportunities
  • Guided Note taking #bringyourpens #markers #highlighters #glitter
  • Practice Questions
  • Opportunities to ask questions
  • PG-13 at the very least

If you struggle with MOs, this would be an establishing operation for you to get your ass into this class. (You’ll understand what I mean by this after class).