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What now? You have passed the hardest test of your life. This didn’t come easy. You worked sooo hard and it’s time to celebrate. We wish it could be us celebrating with you. However, it would be pretty difficult for us to get there. That being said, you can’t stop us from helping you celebrate. As always, here at SNABA we’ve got you. We created the “BCB-YAY Box”. It’s not just any old box. We’ve put all of our brain power together to bring you everything you could ever need to celebrate earning those four letters and transitioning to the other side.

This is a great gift to get for your loved one, supervisee, or yourself (no shame in your game). We know they/you will LOVE IT. We MEAN IT.

So what’s inside:

  • BCBA Balloons: These are THE balloons that you must take a pic with and post on the gram to prove you passed the test.
  • Nail File: You NAILED this exam so now you can engage in some #SelfCare. I am sure your nails could use some TLC after writing all of those beautiful notes.
  • Passed the Test Pen: We’re famous for our “Pass the test pen
  • Bath Bomb: You are the BOMB and deserve a relaxing bubble bath with a good book (not Cooper) and a glass of wine.
  • Bookmark CEU: Believe it or not you have time to read a book for pleasure that isn’t the Cooper book. Use this to keep your place (oh, and enjoy the coupon to save some money on your first CEUs with us)!
  • Shot glass: Do we really need to write why this is necessary? You deserve it. Bottoms up!
  • Socks: Time to kick your feet up and chill, while letting everyone know you passed the test.
  • Confetti Popper: This is a great way to start the celebration. First: Pop this. Then: Pop the bubbly #premack.
  • #BoardCertifiedAF Sticker: #Rep your credentials with this sticker on your water bottle, laptop, car bumper, or if you’re really #feelingyourself slap it on your forehead #YOLO.

Make sure to show us opening your BCB-YAY Box by taking pics and tagging us at @studynotesaba!

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Dimensions 9.5 × 7 × 3 in


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