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With this product you have access to all 20 of our Collective Videos from the most recent Collective. Around 40+ hours of content taught by your fave bitches, Liat & Casey. We start class one with “I’ve signed up for the test now WTH do I start?” and lead you through every last detail on the beloved task list that you need to know for this exam. You also get a course outline that includes required readings for each class that you need to complete before class, topics covered in each class, and all the items from the task list that is covered.

This is a great option for someone who has already been studying and has read their cooper book and would benefit from a month refresher course to solidify all of your studying! If you do not have the time to complete all the readings in Cooper and watch the 20 Collectives in 30 days (not 31, 32, or 37 days) then this option is not for you boo. Check out our other video bundles that will offer you more time to study!

***Please note***

This may sound repetitive but 30 days is not a long time to study for this exam. When you are purchasing 30 days access, that is what you get. There will be no extensions for this package! We still love ya. mean it. 


By purchasing this, you will get:

  • Access to all 20 videos to watch on your own time.
  • 30 day access from date and time of purchase. Please see your email receipt for this information. The expiration date is also located in your course! 
  • Co Taught by your fav girls from “Behavior Bitches”: Liat Sacks, BCBA & Casey McDaniel, BCBA.

Not included:

Homework Workbook that follows along with each class and includes a variety of multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, #hashtags to help you remember and scenario questions. *over 100 pages of fun #maintenance. This must be purchased separately, but is not required.


We know purchasing a video bundle option does not come with the support that you get in the Live Collective. Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. Having someone to support you, ask all your dying questions, and help you create a study schedule is super important! The SNABA tutor tribe are all #badass ladies who are all BCBA’s ready to help you crush this exam. This is a great addition to any of the video packages 🙂 Love you. Mean it.


It includes the following videos:



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