Spring Time ABC’s!

Hey friends! Who is ready for some Spring Time ABC’s

It’s been a hot sec (almost a month, since I’ve posted sorry life is crayy)) BUT, figured I’d post while vacationing on the beautiful beach in Florida! If you’re anything like me the beach is a powerful and potent reinforcer. I’d do just about anything for a day lying on the beach listening to the waves. There’s seriously nothing better except maybe cuddling with my dogs and eating ice cream all day every day without gaining weight. But anyway back to the beach. The one thing I CANT stand about the beach is getting a sunburn. I’m a redhead which means my pasty white skin is doomed the moment I catch a tiny bit of sun. To avoid the dreaded sunburn I lather on as much sunscreen as I possibly can. My fiancé was sitting outside with me while I layered sunscreen on this morning and mentioned how I always remember to wear it even when it’s cloudy out.

Sidenote: I love to test myself so I try to explain behavior analytic things to him all the time in non-behavior analytic terms because it’s a skill I sometimes struggle with.

So today to test my skills I broke down why I never forget to wear sunscreen using my handy dandy ABCs!

Antecedent: Putting on swimsuit to go to beach

Behavior: Apply mounds of sunscreen

Consequence: No sunburn and a tiny bit less pale!

He asked me what would happen if I didn’t do the behavior of applying sunscreen and I broke it down again but changed the behavior which changed my consequence!

Antecedent: Putting on swimsuit to go to beach

Behavior: Lay out on beach without sunscreen

Consequence: Sun poisoning/severe sunburn (it’s happened before and it sucks trust me)

After using my ABCs he understood how my behavior affected my consequence. (Obviously he was aware that no sunscreen= bad idea but not to the extent on my pale skin) I personally love showing off my ABA skills in every day life because I feel like a bada**. Anyone else love to do it too?

Comment below how you use the ABCs of ABA everyday!

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