WTF Are Semi Logarithmic Graphs

Semi Logarithmic Graphs

(Task List 5- C-10, C-11)

Oh you fancy huh? Graphs are cool and all, but what about a Semi Logarithmic one? Confused? Let the bitches walk you through what they are and what they do SNABA style!

Semi Logarithmic Graphs: also known as ratio charts, is a type of graph where the horizontal axis progresses in equal intervals but the vertical axis has ratio scaling, thus the term ratio chart. The Standard Celeration Chart used in Precision Teaching is a type of semi logarithmic graph.

Real World Example
At Nasa headquarters, a scientist is assigned to be sure that a rocket reaches a target speed within a given amount of time. He decides to graph the data on a semi logarithmic graph because he is measuring proportional and relative change. The time in seconds correspond to equal ratios of change in speed. Notice how the y-axis progresses in a ratio of X10.

Clinical Example
Clara, a BCBA and SPED teacher, works in a public school system. She collaborates with a colleague to implement precision teaching with one of their shared students to teach double digit math facts. The best way to chart data from Precision Teaching is to use a Standard Celeration Chart. The teachers look for reduced variability in responding, or bounce, to suggest tighter stimulus control.


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