Response Interruption and Redirection

Response Interruption and Redirection

Heard another string of letters that you’re confused about? Let the bitches help explain RIRD it to you SNABA style!

Punishment: When a stimulus is added (#positive) or removed (#negative) contingent on a response that decreases the future likelihood that a response will occur in similar situations. (#refresher)

Response Interruption and Redirection (RIRD): Is a positive punishment procedure that is a variation of response blocking in that high probability tasks are presented to interrupt stereotypic behavior.


Real World Example:
Your bestie calls and says she wants to take a ride! When she picks you up you remember that her and her boyfriend were having a hard time, you ask “what’s up with that?”. Your friend immediately changes the subject and asks you about all of your favorite things, the Stranger Things episode, Married at First Sight, going to a friend’s party and how the weather is perfect for a beach day. You try to ask about her boyfriend again and she does the same thing but with different topics that she knows you will respond to. Eventually, you give up on talking to her about it.

Clinical Example:
Mary has a client that engages in high frequencies of vocal and motor stereotypy. She notices that it is multiply maintained so she hits her books to create an RIRD program for the client. Not only will the intervention interrupt the stereotypy but she hopes that it will regain the client’s focus to the given task at hand. She advises the client’s RBT to present basic mastered tasks when the client engages in stereotypy, such as placing pom poms in a container, taking off velcro popsicle sticks and arranging them on a velcro page, putting coins into a pig and completing 4-6 piece puzzles. After a month, Mary analyzes the data to see that stereotypy has decreased across the day by 75%.


Response Interruption and Redirection is covered in Task List 5-B-6, B-8, G-16, H-4, H-5.

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