Reinforcement: Real Housewives Style

If you’re anything like me you’re a devoted fan of all things Bravo. Seriously, my DVR is set to every show. Gotta love some Vanderpump Rules and any of the Real Housewives franchises! You also are aware of a crazy thing called reinforcement, right? Well let’s chat about my two favorite things. Bravo and reinforcement.

There are SO many situations where reinforcement can be used. I use it on a daily basis (work, training my dog, coaching cheer). I was watching the Real Housewives of Orange County finale the other night and obvs was living for all the drama. I got to thinking about why these ladies continue to put themselves in these incredibly embarrassing/horrifying situations for a reality show. My answer: reinforcement.

Okay this might sound a little crazy so let me break it down: Vickie continues to make WILD accusations every season and embarrasses herself (twerking Grandma in Jamaica) yet despite it all she comes back every year. Wanna know why? It’s that $$. They reinforce her inappropriate and outrageous af behavior by giving her that big fat paycheck every year. Who wouldn’t act a little crazy for millions of dollars? (Probs not me bc ethics, ya know?) Wanna guess what type of reinforcement this is?

(Scroll down for the answer!)


They are adding a stimulus ($) after she starts a fight which causes the behavior to occur again in the future. Want evidence? Start at the beginning of the series and just see how wild it gets.

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XOXO, love ya. Meant it.


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