Places To Study That Aren’t Your Living Room

Man studying outside

Things are weird today, right? If you asked your parents (or grandparents) about where they think the best study place is, they would tell you a seemingly obvious answer: The Library.

Ok, we can slightly agree here, but the library is so 2005, and to be completely honest, these days, a library can be one of the most distracting places; cute boys, girls, people you don’t want to see, and oh yeah, books #Throwback.

So, with the library becoming obsolete, you probably resort to utilizing your living room from time to time. Well, we don’t blame ya… but this can also be THE MOST DISTRACTING SPACE for you to study in. And because we #LoveYouMeanIt how about a little pow-wow to explore a few other #Exceptional spaces for you to study in? Letsss goooo!

Coffee Shops

You know about this place right? Of course, you do, you’re in ABA, and you live off of caffeine. While this may seem like the #ObviousChoice, let’s talk about why coffee shops are actually great places to study in.

  1. They serve coffee (had to say it.)
  2. Free Wi-Fi, probably more reliable than your Comcast subscription anyways.
  3. Cozy sitting areas… Kind of like your living room, right?
  4. Other people escaping the library (or living room) to do the exact same thing, you might make some new #Besties!


Definitely can’t emphasize this enough, YOU NEED YOUR VITAMIN D. It actually is a proven #MoodBooster, so when you’re feeling overwhelmed, a little bit of vitamin D can be just what you need to remind yourself that #YouGotThis. Also, a change of scenery from the indoors to the outdoors can be a refreshing boost that you need to stay focused… go you smarty pants.

Bus or Train

Ok, this may seem like a #WeirdFlex, but especially for our big city folk, public transportation can be a time of escape and relaxation. So, the next time you’re taking the train somewhere, instead of listening to your music on full blast to avoid the sounds of someone having an existential crisis, try looking over some of your study material. It may make your commute time fly right by (pun intended.)

Someone Else’s House

Do you have friends or family living nearby? Do you love learning all about ABA? Then this suggestion is designed just for you. Seriously, if you really can’t let go of the coziness from the couch (we feel ya) but need to escape your living room, try going over to a friend or family member’s house. The point here is that you want to keep YOUR living room separate from your study life… but that doesn’t mean every living room ever. Especially if you have a friend with the same #Goals as you, meeting up at their house might make for the perfect #LearningEnvironment. And, if you go to your parent’s house instead, you can always raid their fridge for some study snacks ;).

Ready to Learn?

The way that we do everything these days is drastically different than it was just 20 years ago (is that a long time?) Seriously, we work at home, socialize from our computers and phones from home, and oftentimes, study from home. But, when the distractions and cabin fever start to strike, you need an #Escape. So, try some of these out, and see if you feel any boost in #BrainPower.

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