Our Fav Online Study Tools

Let’s talk about some of our favorite online study tools that will be great resources to help you pass the F#%king test!


Quizlet has excellent flashcard resources that are perfect for nailing down those hard-to-learn terms. Honestly, it feels just like your most treasured paper flashcards, except in digital form. These are super easy to use, and will have you feeling like a dictionary of all things ABA.

COLLABORATION! Don’t we all love to work alongside our #Besties? Quizlet has some really #Badass options for collaboration among your peers, or your professors… whoever you like more, the choice is yours.

Preparing for the F#%king test. The most important thing in ABA. Quizlet has a huge variety of #EngagingStudyTools that give you different options based on your specific learning style. Whoo hoo!

Focus Timer

There are a few different online options for this, but here’s a good one. Known as the Pomodoro Technique, this method helps to keep your study sessions more focused. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the task, or subject that you’re going to study.
  2. Set the timer.
  3. Work on your studying (completely interrupted) until it rings.
  4. Take a break! Remember the tips about setting your study schedule?

The big brains behind science have actually found out that taking short, meaningful breaks, while studying has been proven to help your brain revive, and prepare for the next run. Even more, the Pomodoro Technique will give you a more in-depth understanding of how long it takes you to complete certain tasks. Totally useful for ABA and an online study tool must have!


We’re studying ABA, note-taking is in our DNA. Oh yeah, we have a cool blog post about that… Anyways the Notability app is literally one of the most the perfect online study tools for taking high-quality, organized, and cute notes (because notes are more effective when they’re cute.) 

This app has been regarded as one of the best note-taking apps out there, and believe us, there are a lot of those. Remember that mention of collaboration earlier? You can use Notability with your #Bestie to share, synchronize and connect with other students in ABA to reach goals together #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork. Even more, Notability allows you to annotate PDFs, GIFs/ and images #Artistic. You can also use Notability to record lectures and watch them later #Recall.

Study Notes ABA App

We took our real, relatable, and raw teaching methods that we’ve seen work for thousands of others and made them more accessible and affordable with our Study Notes ABA app. This is one of the best study tools with over 2500 fluency, application, and scenario questions organized by each task list item (yes, all 163) or randomized for a quick review sesh. It has a personalized test date countdown, reminders, and an individualized study plan based on your upcoming test date so you can spend less time planning and more time learning!

Our app also includes weekly live study group sessions so you can #talkthisSTUFFout with study buddies from around the world. Because we all know – if you can talk it, you can test it. #BYOB. We have leaderboard competitions, personal weekly stats, and #reinforcement badges to help keep you #motivatedAF.

We know that you want to know what others did to #passtheDAMNtest, so we’ve included our favorite #tips and #strategies for you to utilize while studying. #worksmarternotharder. We also have a StudyNotesABA doodle feed where you can share your #pretty notes and study using others’! There’s also a discussion board so others can help you learn the most confusing concepts in #ABA.

Study Notes ABA APP

And that’s not all! We include a checklist to help you keep track of your progress in the StudyNotesABA #Collective course,  A deep breathing tool to help you take meaningful study breaks #meditatewithPAV, and of course, super fun games so you can challenge your friends, study at happy hour, or just beat your own PR #personalrecord.

Our app is truly designed to help you #PasstheF#%kingTest SNABA style and is now available for both Apple Phone Users and Android. If you have more questions about our app, visit our FAQ page. So, like, really…what are you waiting for? Come #sitwithus and #passthedamntest.

Ready to Study?

Here’s the deal, we #LoveYaMeanIt and offer so many different resources for you to use for your study game. But, it’s our duty as your #Besties to let you know about all of these other options that you have available at your fingertips that you can use to pass the F#%king test. Try a few of them out? Let us know how you like them!

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