Isn’t it so Fetch How You Used Praise?


If I hear one more person giving praise by saying “GOOD JOB” like a freaking Bring It On cheerleader I may smack them with my fist.

Forreal though, if it drives me nuts, how do you think the kiddo feels after hearing it for the 1000th time that day? I realized as a behavior assistant that I was CONSTANTLY repeating myself while giving praise, so I came up with some alternatives. Check out my list (with some extra ideas from the other cool interns) below!

First, let’s remember that sometimes overexcitement is overwhelming to the kiddos we work with. How would you feel if you had person yelling out “amazing dude!” every time you clapped your hands?

Second, it is important AF to pair a client’s name with praise. So try saying “Zoe, I love how you washed your hands.” This way the kiddo knows you are talking to them and not someone else in the room.

Next, specific reinforcement is ah-mazing to use when it comes to praise. Say “I love how fast you colored that picture” or “I really like how you tried so hard to tie your shoes!”

Another alternative is to get those peers involved!! Instead of you constantly reinforcing with praise you could have another kiddo reinforce with a high-five, edible, or if possible saying “nice job”.

Want a list of sayings of praise to use when reinforcing kiddos or even people in your everyday life? Maybe you don’t but I am giving you one anyway 😉

· “Nice work dude”

· “Amazing my friend”

· “So proud”

· “You’re on fire today”

· “You’re so brilliant”

· “Wow, how did you do that?”


· “That’s hot”

But let’s be real only Paris Hilton can pull this one off.

I really do use fetch on a daily basis and can quote all of Mean Girls which is SO FETCH!

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XOXO Love you. Mean it.


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