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Frequently Asked Questions

What started as the most unique, novel test prep ever has grown into so much more. We want to create great BCBAs from start to finish. This is seen through our RBT, university collaborations, study prep, workbooks, specialty classes, CEUS, career matchmaking, all the way down to resume editing. The thing is that sounds kinda dry… so imagine doing all the things you need to be a great BCBA but actually having fun while doing it. We believe heavily in pairing all learning with reinforcers to experience a whole different way of loving to learn. Drop-in for a class or check out our youtube LINK to see why people are talking about StudyNotesABA. P.S. Don’t listen if you’re around little ones. #Rated-R

We are not salespeople out to take your money and send you cool nerdy shit. We are actually a community, a tribe, your new BFFs. At SNABA you’ll find amazing products and services but you’ll also find encouragement, laughs, and even that pick-me-up that you need more than your 3 pm Starbucks run #PSL. Our whole goal is to be #real, #raw, and #relatable and our SNABA community is just that- a place to be yourself and become the best BCBA you can be!

We are a team of BCBA’s who take studying very seriously. We spend our days reading Cooper like it’s our job (well, it is). Not to mention we have been in your very shoes. We’ve been there walking into the exam scared shitless or starting at a new job as a BCBA and having imposter syndrome. We have cried about poor quality supervision. All this was our MO to fix the problem.

The thing we pride ourselves on is keeping it real. Yes, we have passed the test. Does that mean we walk around with our noses in the air? Hell no! We want to have as many badass BCBA/BCaBAs here with us because together we can change the world!

Perhaps you’re like us and find it near impossible to just sit and be lectured at, followed by hours of dry reading. Are you a visual learner? We draw out all of the notes with you. Warning: there is some shock factor and it might not be best to have your little ones around when you are watching our classes. The value of novelty when learning with real, raw, relatable examples is priceless. Here at Study Notes ABA we make studying fun. We know, we know every teacher you ever had teaching you how to compute long division said “it’s going to be so fun”, but this actually is fun. It’s a unique take on studying for your professional board certification exam sprinkled with F-bombs and dirty jokes. Unfiltered fun.

Great question boo. Once you make a purchase for any of our courses, mock exams, specialty classes, workbooks, audio task list etc., they are automatically uploaded into your account under my courses. If you order any #Merch it will be shipped to you! We suggest getting cozy with your account and how to navigate it.

The best 10-weeks of your life! The Collective is our Live 10-week study course that meets twice a week and covers every single thing on the task list! We consider ourselves more than just your teachers. We become your personal study trainers and motivational coaches! We take you all the way from class one titled, “I’ve signed up for the collective, now where the hell do I start?” to tell you exactly what you should be reading when to ensure you get through your entire Cooper Book.

AH THE SCARY COOPER BOOK: So many people are scared and overwhelmed by its density and size. Fear no more because we will break that shit down for you in a simplified way you (guaranteed) have never had it explained. Once you get the break down from us, reading your Cooper book won’t be nearly as scary.

No worries, we got you boo! We have created three different video bundle access periods for this exact problem! We now offer one, two and four month video bundle options. Each video bundle includes all 20 of our most recently taught Live Collective recordings! It is basically like you are with us even though you are not. We will keep you laughing and learning this sh*t right along with us. Promise!

Well, first of all who doesn’t love some good office supplies? We have a bit of a pen hoarding problem but don’t judge, even our behavior doesn’t come out of the blue #determinism. We have a reason for what we do. Would you rather study your notes that are colorful, glittery, stickerful, and doodled or notes that are made with a plain black Bic pen? The whole process of making beautiful notes and then staring at your art creation after is super reinforcing! Not to mention, the colorful doodles and highlights serve as #RedundancyPrompts to make your notes more salient and memorable when it’s time to test.

Well this is going to depend on what you purchase. We have many options for all budgets! Head over to our shop to check it out.

We wish we could but if 2020 has shown us anything, it is that we can’t guarantee anything at all #COVID #MurderHornets #TigerKing. We provide you with all the resources, assignments, and contents to pass the test, but the problem is that we can’t study for you and make sure you are doing your reading and studying outside of class. We will do everything we can to help you pass but can’t make any guarantees. Please see our terms and conditions.

Short answer, no. Once you sign up for the Collective or video bundles you have access to all of the zoom meeting links, videos and passwords and there is no way for us to take that back. Same goes for the mock exams and activity packets. For any #permanentproducts that are mailed to you we only accept returns if the product is mailed back to us first. We get it life happens and we are real people behind the scenes here at SNABA so in extreme cases please email contact@studynotesaba.com!

F&%k no…… as in absoleffinglutely not. We have a life and we make special time to help you pass. Imagine how torturous this study period is for you. Now think that we are doing that on an infinite track to make it less aversive for you. Not to mention, anytime a video is shared by you, we get a friendly notification letting us know. Please, this is our livelihood and as much as we wish people would work for free, I’m sure you understand that no one works without a reinforcement contingency in place #basicbehavior. This being said, if you love us and appreciate how hard we work to bring the best to you, you’ll keep our content on the DL.

We have been busy building our #merch and love being able to share it with all of you. Here at SNABA we offer free AF shipping within the US. Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with tracking information. Shipping charges will be applied if you live outside of the US.

Any major credit card or PayPal!

This all depends on which course you choose but the information will all be located in your course description and on the product description! Remember your access period starts at the date and time of purchase for any courses! There is also an expiration date located in your course when you click start course 🙂

Sooo……If you purchase a course or product that has a specific duration access period your access starts Immediately from the time of purchase. For example, if you purchase something on January 1st, you will lose access on February 1st at midnight CST.

With this being said, only purchase your products when you are ready to get started.

Short answer: we have two separate websites. Longer answer, now that you’re a BCBA or BCaBA (mazel tov) there is different information we need from you, and for us to keep on file to provide CEUs. Checkout or CEU FAQ and Website for more details! https://ceu.studynotesaba.com/how-it-works/ or email Jordan ceu@studynotesaba.com and she can help you with CEU related questions.

No! You need a new login if you want to subscribe to the app because the app and the website are #seperate AF

Don’t worry, we got you always Boo. Click this link for all your FAQ about the App!

If you do not pass the BCBA/BCaAB Exam, you can join the next live collective on us. Just send a copy of your score report to contact@studynotesaba.com. WE GOT YOU!