WTF Do I Still Need to Study – Diagnostic Mock


You’ve read Cooper, you’ve got your pretty notes, you’re feeling pretty pumped but…. Maybe you wanna know how to best spend your last bit of study time? This mock will help you learn your strengths and use #data to show you which areas you still need to brush up on before the big day. Think of it as your personal study concierge #fancy that will show you what to study! Not sure how to use your results, WE GOT YOU! Check out SNABA’s blog and specialty classes for tips about how to structure your study time and prioritize task list areas. 


Mock comes with feedback about which areas of the 5th edition task list you might want to focus on (with easy converter for those still in the 4th edition), detailed feedback for every question, and the confidence to know you’re spending your time getting #confidentAF. 

220 questions to make sure you’re getting a chance to demonstrate your expertise in EVERY SINGLE TASK LIST ITEM!

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons


  1. It said I reached the max. amount of attempts which was one attempt, but I’m trying to review my incorrect answers so I can study. How do I do that if the mock is complete already?

  2. I marked the mock complete and I see where the email is but I no longer see where the breakdown for the score in each section. Is there a way to see that information box again or mark it “in progress” again? It would be a huge pain in the butt to go through and look at each missed question.

    1. I was able to make a spreadsheet to get my scores, however, I’m struggling to find out which parts of the 4th task list I need to focus on. It’s very frustrating to spend this much time and money on a mock and not have it tell you what you need to work on for the appropriate task list.

  3. I am unable to log in and start the mock. I’m sorry but I’m so confused that I’m doing something wrong. I put in my email and password but didn’t receive anything and it won’t let me connect.

  4. I just purchased this and trying to fix the cookies setting, the whole thing now says complete and I did not get a chance to take the exam. How can I get this reset to take it?

  5. Is there anyway to get a copy of the breakdown for the score in each section emailed to us?? It wasn’t included in my test results emailed to me but I’d love to each which section I need to focus on!!!

  6. HI, it shows my exam is complete but I did not even see any exam on it. Can I get some help, please? I am not sure what is the issue over here

  7. Hi,
    I am unsure how to begin taking this exam? It says completed and I did not begin the mock yet. I looked under the materials tab but there is nowhere to begin?

  8. I finished my mock but I only received an email with the detailed feedback on each question and not feedback on what areas I need to focus on. How do I get that?

  9. Someone please help me! I finished my mock exam today, looked through my results then exited out to take a break. When I went back on to login, I noticed my email that was saved under my passwords was not the right email. It said I couldn’t login and I had to send a confirmation email to reset my password. but, my actual email address wasn’t working. So my mock exam results sent to this random email address and I can’t even login. I don’t know who to contact but I really need my mock exam results sent to my actual email :((