We Dare You to Take This Mock*

This 30 Question Mock Exam is 30 of our toughest, grittiness, hardest questions all put together in one sexy package. We could’t write questions this hard if we tried. Dr. Maggie Pavone has done it again. Take this mock at your own risk, even Liat & Casey who have been consistently studying for this exam for 4 years and teaching this content every waking hour,  could not get 100%. Make sure you are not taking this mock as a baseline. Be sure to listen to all of Maggie’s feedback at the end and go back to your Cooper book!
You can find your results here:
  1. In your account on the left sidebar click my mock exam results
  2. Click on the mock you want (the little triangle button before the mock to expand)
  3. Click statistics
  4. Get all your feedback!

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    1. Nevermind, I was able to figure it out. You have to go to mock results, expand all upper right corner and then click line graph under statistics!

  1. I am not able to access my course. when I click on start course it goes to a page that says we dare you to take this mock and nothing happens , if I click the pink words it says waiting on study notes, but never loads