Verbal BX: Told through your favorite cult movies


So we took a little bit of our own data and asked you guys what topics you would like for us to hit hard on before you go into taking your beloved exam and a good number of you said, “Verbal Behavior” or “VB Puhhhleeeez”. I guess we should say, you guys #manded for this (see what I did there?). We heard you so here we are to get all this Verbal Behavior stuff into your head.


Allow us to give you examples and tips to remember things that you’ll never forget. Dirty and memorable is our expertise.  Oh and did we mention the class is going to be #SoFetch.What do we mean by this?Well, everyone loves them some “Mean Girls” right?

This whole class will be told through the lens of of “Mean Girls” and other cult classics. If you want to make sure you got this in the bag. Come join the class it will be taught by Liat and Tobey (Liat’s hilarious big mouthed supervisor from back when; please see Behavior Bitch Episode 10). Entertainment guaranteed.

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