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Booyah! Here’s a mock that won’t leave you needing a Surge soda to keep your eyes open- You know what I’m sayin’? So take a chill pill, put on your best Juicy track suit and fluffy Steve Madden slippers and call dibs on the comfy blow up chair from Claire’s. It’s time to tackle this #trending mock. It’s da bomb, for reals. In just a few hours your friends will be paging you just to say….

Oh My Gawd, You Killed this Mock!

Warning: This mock will take you on a blast from the past. It may evoke some memories of your favorite time playing spin the bottle and making friendship bracelets with your BFFs. It may take you back to those memories of not being included on your “so called BFFs” BFF list on her AIM profile. #theworst Perhaps to those times of spraying too much Cucumber Melon perfume on to go take care of your Tamagachi #ohtheresponsibility

What you can expect: This mock is a blast from the past and includes: -185 mock questions covering all areas of the task list -Emailed explanations for each question as to why you answered correctly or incorrectly FAQ: -Yes, you can save it and come back later so don’t freak out that you need to take it in one sitting (even though it has so many #TBTs that you’re going to want to take it all at once.

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We love you.

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  1. Good afternoon,
    I want to first say Thank you for all wonderful and very interesting questions. However, I just found it very frustrating that when I stop and then resume in a later time, although I resume on the right questions, the previous questions changes. Hence I was not able to answer them and skewed my test scores since I didn’t not answer almost 30 questions. Also, I think it would have been nice to have the ability to preview all of the answers without having to go through the whole test over again before making the final submission. Lastly, I feel it would have been helpful if their was a way to save questions for later review, especially questions you are unsure of. Thank you for reading my comments. I would really like to have the opportunity to do the test again, but do not really have the funds to pay for it.

  2. The results are available to view when you click on “view questions” after the exam is done and you are given your score! They give explanations on each question whether you got it right or wrong!

  3. Hello I started the test and it was glitching and it only let me answer like 28 questions then was completed. My results will show it only took me like 30 minutes. I need access to this so I can actually take it.