RBT Mock Exam…..but fun!

When we said we’ve got you, we meant it! Now you don’t have to wait until you are studying for your BCBA exam to get the SNABA-style study materials that we all love so much. This mock exam is designed for SNABA tribe members that are just starting their behavioral journey and are wanting some help studying for the RBT exam. Based on the RBT Task List 2.0, the SNABA RBT mock has 80 questions just like the real thing #GeneralizeIt! You’ll not only get detailed feedback for each question but also a diagnostic categorized result that tells you which areas of the task list you should focus on before you go pass that first #MiniBeast and earn some big bad behavioral letters behind your name! #RBT
Once you pass the RBT exam, don’t forget to come join us in Collective for even more SNABA-style fun. #LoveYa #MeanIt
Your results will be emailed to you after you complete the exam! Check your spam!!

How to save your results and get back to where you left off if you do not finish in one sitting:

1. Log back into your account
2. Click on your Mock Course
3. Click On the Mock link under “lesson”
4. Click Start Quiz
5. Click the resume button on the top right
6. Continue where you left off

So, what are you waiting for? This is exciting. Go #Slay babe.

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