“#NOT Mock” Mini Mock


Here at SNABA we know how tricky the negation questions are on the exam. You have to train your brain to flip the question when you are reading it and pay very close attention to the answers! This exam will give you all the practice on those annoying NOT and EXCEPT questions.


25 Tricky Negation Questions
Detailed feedback at the end
5th Edition Task List Item for each question
Can only take one time but keep your amazing feedback for a year!
No time limit
Can save and resume

1. Results will be located here: in your account on the left sidebar click my mock exam results
2. Click on the mock you want (little button in front of it)
3. Click statistics then view under each question
4. Get all your feedback!
5. We love you and appreciate your support and can not wait for you to see the amazing feedback from your mocks!
6. Love you mean it! Casey & Liat


How to save your results and get back to where you left off if you do not finish in one sitting:

1. Log back into your account
2. Click on your Mock Course
3. Click On the Mock link under “lesson”
4. Click Start Quiz
5. Click the resume button on the top right
6. Continue where you left off

So, what are you waiting for? This is exciting. Go #Slay babe.


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