Mock C-185 Question Mock Exam


*This mock includes 5th Edition Task List*

Mock C is another 185 test level questions to get that much more exposure to more exam level questions

Word on the street is that you wanna slay the exam #AmIRight. The best way to prepare for the big day is by coming into access with as many exam level questions as possible.

Do you know why we love mock exams? Well, because they are one of the only things in life where it’s a win-win either way: You get the question right, obviously hell ya (and reinforcement will make sure you answer correctly again in the future). You get the question wrong- also hell ya because you have the learning opportunity to see why you missed the question and now you sure as sh*t won’t miss that type of question again in the future.

Why are SNABA mocks so great? Let us share:

  • Our question simulate the real exam.
  • Our detailed feedback on every single question whether you get the answer correct or incorrect is #gold in your studying. The explanations will surely bring on some #lightbulbs.
  • Once you submit mock, you will get a detailed break down on how you did in each task list section. This will help direct you into what topics you need to be digging into a little deeper.


  • 185 Questions with same distribution of each task list section as the real exam
  • You can save your progress and come back to complete the exam in case you need to pee or throw rocks at the squirrels outside your window that are making the dogs’ bar
  • One year access to take the mock

**You can answer the questions only once; but your feedback can be found in your account for a year from your purchase date.

One year access to take this mock! How to find your results:

  1. In your account on the left sidebar click my mock exam results
  2. Click on the mock you want (the little triangle button before the mock to expand)
  3. Click statistics
  4. Get all your feedback!

How to save your results and get back to where you left off if you do not finish in one sitting:

1. Log back into your account
2. Click on your Mock Course
3. Click On the Mock link under “lesson”
4. Click Start Quiz
5. Click the resume button on the top right
6. Continue where you left off

So, what are you waiting for? This is exciting. Go #Slay babe.


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