Let’s Get Ethical Modules


To a lot of people, the word ethics has become an aversive stimulus…. Yuck! A lot of people save all the ethics to study last after they finish the rest of their content. The problem is that ethics is SUPER important and can’t be saved for the end when your brain already feels like it’s going to explode! Ethics is going to be scattered throughout the entire exam and is the first thing you should be asking yourself in questions!

With all the new changes with the ethics code and the importance of being ETHICAL AF we have created an entire video bundle going through the entire new code, core principles, crossover changes, the ethical decision making model and the importance of DEI in ABA all taught by our Ethics Queen: Karina Valdez!! We have questions at the end of every module to test your #knowledge and break the code down in a #real #raw #relatable way, #SNABA style! So get your favorite notebook, pretty pens and get ready to hashtag, laugh & learn along the way! We got you.


What this includes:

8 Ethics Modules 

    • Module 1: Current Ethics Code, 2022 Changes & The Four Core Principles 
    • Module 2: Section 1 – Responsibility as a Professional 
    • Module 3: Section 2 – Responsibility in Practice 
    • Module 4: Section 3 – Responsibility to Clients and Stakeholders
    • Module 5: Section 4 – Responsibility to Supervisees and Trainees 
    • Module 6: Section 5 – Responsibility in Public Statements 
    • Module 7: Section 6 – Responsibility in Research 
    • Module 8: Ethical Decision Making Model and DEI in ABA
  • Co-taught by your fav ethics queen: Karina Valdez, BCBA & Casey McDaniel, BCBA
  • Knowledge Recall Questions at the end of each module
  • Real life ethical scenarios
  • We make Ethics FUN AF!! 
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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons