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Is all the ethics on the BCBA exam #ConfusingAF to you? Or have you been so busy learning
every last thing in Cooper that you’ve just put it on the back burner??? Well, whatever the case,
we here at StudyNotesABA have answered your prayers once again…and we REALLY outdid
ourselves! 137 pages of, dare we say it, ethics FUN!

We’ve covered ALL things from the fundamentals, fluency + vocab to complex ethical scenarios
● Fluency+Shit
● Ethics in a Nutshell
● End Goal
● Getting to Know the Glossary
● Vocab+Shit
● #TheCode
● Working through Ethical Issues: Task Analysis
○ Step 1: Is this even Ethical?
○ Step 2: But, like, How Unethical?
○ Step 3: So what’s #TheCode?
○ Step 4: Okay, So Who Needs to Know?
○ Step 5: How Will I Resolve + Prevent This?
○ Step 6: Phew, #CoastIsClear…Now What?
● #CuttingTheCord: MORE Application+Shit Scenarios
● BONUS: Rock-A-Mini-Mock
But like, what makes this activity book better than all the other ethics stuff out there? Valid point,
boo, we’ve got answers:
● It’s an activity book that includes a #doodleIT activity to complete as you solve different
ethical scenarios.
● Guided notes with plenty of workspace to take the prettiest notes as you get
#AcquaintedAF with allllll the things you need to know about #TheCode.
● A #PrettyAF task analysis for working through the craziest ethical issues on the test and
#IRL. Anddd of course we walk you through the TA using forward chaining and tons of
reinforcement, boo!
● #DetailedAF descriptions with practice questions for each step in the Task Analysis to
make sure you know exactly what you need to do to ethically solve the problem.
● 24-questions to guide you through the task analysis, 3 complex scenario questions with
explanations to work on solving your own shit, and a mini-mock with #EntertainingAF
practice problems and, of course, answer keys!
● A colorful, matching activity to make sure you have all the #Vocab+Shit down.
● Section overviews for each of #TheCode sections, using guided ABA practices along the
way to help you set up your contingencies, take breaks, and sooooo much more!

● Hashtags for each of #TheCodes to help make sure you remember them. Love ya. Mean
● Built in NCR’s, so you get the reinforcement you #deserve.
● Print out and reference your own breakdowns of #TheCode – perhaps even decorate
your house with it, to memorize all the ethics shit you need to know for the BIG test.
● The book includes guiding examples, fluency practice, guided application problems, and
a mini-mock, and tons of SR+ along the way to keep you #MotivatedAF.
● As always, #RelatableAF scenario questions with the most inappropriate, off-the-chart
behavior to make sure you don’t forget this shit.
● Amazing layout with pristine work-space to #WorkThatShitOut.
Knowing how to ethically practice this science is just as effing important as knowing the science,
boo. Your future #BCBA-self will REALLY thank you for prioritizing ethics this early on in your

This book includes:
137 Pages of ethics fun to get you ready for any ethics content thrown at you on the BCBA
exam. It took us 100+ hours in a combined effort to make this the best shit out there. We are
#obvi committed to helping you pass the f#*cking test! Love you. Mean it.

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