Beta Group: Professional Collective Videos

Welcome Beta testers!! Thank. you for joining us and giving feedback on our newest videos! Love you. Mean it!

    • At least twice weekly on your own time you will log into your StudyNotesABA account and watch 2 recorded collective videos. Each video will range in duration from 90-120 minutes. Complete the video by the assigned deadline, weekly on Sunday by 11:59 (2 per week on your own time!).
    • In order to progress through the collective, you must complete both the feedback questionnaire and the collective quiz after each video. If you fail to meet these requirements, your access to the course will be removed.
  • On the first night of this group, 09/05/2023, you can log into Zoom for a quick meet and greet with Casey and Liat for an approximate duration of 30 minutes class so we can get to know each other!
    • To get into the scheduled meetings (9/5 & 11/21) and office hours all you have to do is click the links  (located in your outline, as well as in your course), to join us.  No password to enter, just use that link or the embedded Zoom links in your course.  What we would suggest is to download this document to your pc, phone, or wherever you plan to log in from so that you are not scrambling the night of class to try to log into your account to find this doc. 
  • All of your class recordings are located in your course when you click on the topic!
  • Class format: please save your questions for office hours. We recommend keeping a post-it note next to you during class so that you do not forget your questions. Most likely your question will be answered as we teach. Trust in your girls 🙂 Office hours are optional, but will always be held!
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