5th Edition Mini Mock H


5th Edition Task List Section H: Selecting and Implementing Interventions

Now that you understand the different interventions how are you going to know which ones to select and implement? Have no fear because mini mock H is here to help you understand all of that. This mini mock covers everything about selecting and implementing interventions so that you can go back to picking your fave way to celebrate when you pass the big exam! #mimosasanyone? 

  • H-1 State intervention goals in observable and measurable terms. 
  • H-2 Identify potential interventions based on assessment results and the best available scientific evidence. 
  • H-3 Recommend intervention goals and strategies based on such factors as client preferences, supporting environments, risks, constraints, and social validity.
  • H-4 When a target behavior is to be decreased, select an acceptable alternative behavior to be established or increased. 
  • H-5 Plan for possible unwanted effects when using reinforcement, extinction, and punishment procedures. 
  • H-6 Monitor client progress and treatment integrity. 
  • H-7 Make data-based decisions about the effectiveness of the intervention and the need for treatment revision. 
  • H-8 Make data-based decisions about the need for ongoing services. 
  • H-9 Collaborate with others who support and/or provide services to clients.

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