5th Edition Mini Mock E


5th Edition Task List Section E: Ethics 

Let’s get Ethical baby. To take the gift or not to take the gift, ethics is so much more than that. Lucky for us the BACB has updated the Ethics Code to be more inclusive and clear up so much confusion. This mock will cover all the icky situations you never imagined you would be in and how to pick the BEST answer when taking the test. Put your ethical hat on and let’s go! 

  • E-1 Responsible conduct of behavior analysts 
  • E-2 Behavior analysts’ responsibility to clients 
  • E-3 Assessing behavior 
  • E-4 Behavior analysts and the behavior-change program
  • E-5 Behavior analysts as supervisors
  • E-6 Behavior analysts’ ethical responsibility to the profession of behavior analysis 
  • E-7 Behavior analysts’ ethical responsibility to colleagues 
  • E-8 Public statements 
  • E-9 Behavior analysts and research 
  • E-10 Behavior analysts’ ethical responsibility to the BACB


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