5th Edition Mini Mock D


5th Edition Task List Section D: Experimental Design 

Experimental designs got you feeling #confusedAF? Think that just because you are not conducting research you do not need to understand this section? Think again, hunny. We are a science of visual analysis and experimental designs allow us to see the change. Just like a cumulative record, there’s nowhere to go but up from here! 

D-1 Distinguish between dependent and independent variables. 

D-2 Distinguish between internal and external validity.  

D-3 Identify the defining features of single-subject experimental designs (e.g., individuals serve as their own controls, repeated measures, prediction, verification, replication). 

D-4 Describe the advantages of single-subject experimental designs compared to group designs.

 D-5 Use single-subject experimental designs (e.g., reversal, multiple baseline, multielement, changing criterion).

 D-6 Describe rationales for conducting comparative, component, and parametric analyses.


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