5th Edition Mini Mock A


5th Edition Task List Section A: Philosophical Underpinnings

Started from the bottom now we’re here. No, but actually where did we start? This mock covers the goals of our science and the philosophical assumptions of ABA that have brought us to where we are now. These 25 questions will test your understanding of 5th Edition Task List Section A: Philosophical Underpinnings and covers the following topics:

  • A-1 Identify the goals of behavior analysis as a science (i.e., description, prediction, control). 
  • A-2 Explain the philosophical assumptions underlying the science of behavior analysis (e.g., selectionism, determinism, empiricism, parsimony, pragmatism). 
  • A-3 Describe and explain behavior from the perspective of radical behaviorism.
  •  A-4 Distinguish among behaviorism, the experimental analysis of behavior, applied behavior analysis, and professional practice guided by the science of behavior analysis. 
  • A-5 Describe and define the dimensions of applied behavior analysis (Baer, Wolf, & Risley, 1968).

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